When should xmas decorations be taken down?

  • don’t have any, i hate xmas
  • december 26th
  • between xmas and NYE
  • Jan 1st
  • mid-Jan
  • dunno, when i can be arsed (february)

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down, down, deeper and down


Isn’t 6th the pedant answer. Obviously anyone who has them up past new years day is not to be trusted


There are no hard and fast rules


don’t be like that


Few days after new years


6th January


People that take them down on or around New Years are odd

  • This is true
  • I am unsure yet if this is true

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A few days after being released from assessment cubicle 3.


2nd Jan onwards is probably acceptable i guess. anything before the 2nd is the behaviour of an oddball.


Can’t believe he didn’t actually include the correct answer in the poll.


have you taken yours down yet?

  • Y
  • N

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Did mine yesterday. Feel amazing for it.

I’m not going into the new year with that hassle hanging over me


Might stock up on discount lighting, use them all year around except for the month of December


“We must move onto the next thing! What is the next thing!?”






No later than three weeks before the Valentine’s Day shrine gets put up.


After January 6 bad luck otherwise.


I find them a bit oppressive after Boxing Day. The feeling of reclaiming all that space is amazing.