When Social Media Works

Prompted by @guntrip’s Yodel moans, which hopefully might mean he gets his beer delivery, I thought I’d start a thread for when moaning on social media has worked.

I’ll start - I went to buy the new Rose Elinor Dougall LP on Friday, but it wasn’t in stock in Resident. The distributors of the album were also Brighton based, so I had a moan to them on twitter and lo and behold the album came into stock that afternoon and I got to pick it up a few hours later.

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I spoke to some teaching assistants who work in different schools all over the county and they said that they managed to organise really quickly at the start cause they all joined the same Facebook group.

My Aunt shared something which told people to share if they respect our troops, so now I know my Aunt respects our troops


I used to work in customer service, including responding to customers on social media. In my experience, moaning on social media is no more effective than any other method, unless you’re someone with a lot of followers but not otherwise high profile.

ages ago i went to pay for something in Tesco with my Oyster card because it was early/i am stupid, which obviously doesn’t work. for some reason i decided this was definitely something everyone on Twitter would want to know so tweeted about it.

then Greggs, literally out of nowhere, replied to say that i obviously needed a bit of a boost and gave me a £5 Greggs voucher, which i used for doughnuts and cookies for everyone in my office.

i already had a good opinion of Greggs before this, but it has been sky high ever since


once wrote in to sainsburys saying how daft it was that their ‘tiger bread’ looked nothing like a tiger

got that all sorted


Ordered a car (a Skoda, thanks for asking) in October. Delivery date 2 February. No sign of car in late March and delivery date put back to June. Need said car for family holiday in April. Told by “usual” channels that car not sufficiently delayed yet for them to care. Had a moan on Twitter. Four days later was lent a different, considerably more valuable, car free of charge until they finally get around to building mine.