When someone asks you where you're from



Do you reply with the name of the town where you were born, grew up or where you live now?

  • Born
  • Grew up, if different to where you were born
  • Live now
  • Other

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Some people still have some growing up to do but let’s put that aside for now

  • Born, raised, and live now




Depends on if they’re Scottish or not, because who the fuck outside of Scotland* knows where Airdrie is.

*except the people in Canada who live near Airdrie, Alberta


Normally say I’m from Colchester but live in Sheffield.

And was made in the Royal navy


If they’re a Brit I normally just say Corby as it has a certain level of notoriety.

If they’re a foreigner I say ‘near Leicester’ and then wait to see if they’re a football fan or not- if not then I describe it as 90 mins drive north-west from London.

Didn’t read the thread properly before replying, don’t care


Born but live in …


I just say “around” to fit in with my mysterious persona.


see you around


I say I live in Clitheroe but was raised in Accrington. The latter prompts “Who are they? Exactly” and the former Beavis and Butthead Do America sniggering when they drove through “Big Piney” and “Meeteetse”

Was born in Blackburn - I’ve no major problem with that - but don’t usually tell people first due to confusing football allegiances.


Not saying I’m from Leeds

  • If I’m in Oslo I’ll say where in Oslo I grew up
  • If I’m elsewhere in Norway I’ll say I’m from Oslo
  • If I’m in the UK I’ll say I’m from Norway
  • When I’ve lived in the UK I’d say I’m from Norway but live in Cardiff/London



i always do the ‘well i was born in x but have been in y for 10 years’


My childhood was divided pretty equally between two very different places, so I pretty much always say “Well I grew up in Yorkshire but then moved to Wales when I was ten”. If I tell people Yorkshire they say “Oh you don’t sound like you’re from Yorkshire!” so I have to explain the Welsh bit, and if I say Wales they say “Oh you don’t sound Welsh!” so I have to explain the Yorkshire part.


Depends on the context of the question, really.


Where are you from?




I can empathise with this.

I don’t remember your accent. What does it sound like?


i tell them i’m from a small town in italy

throw them off the scent


Classic desperate to prove themselves, wish they were born in London move, that