When someone asks you where you're from



They are the same


pretty sure you’ve got the most annoying username title badge thing on here



Never know if they want to know my ethnic origins or geographic location so just say nw London (was born in east London) and if they’re like nooo I mean your parents? Then I tell them Somaliland in east Africa


i am aware. mate i’m from northants. as we’ve discussed: it’s fucking shit.


This must be so annoying.


Doesn’t really sound like anything in particular. Slightly flattened northern “As”, but Americans think I sound like Prince William. I don’t think I picked up any Welsh twang, but other people will have to judge that (my younger brother, who was 8 when we moved to Wales, now sounds like he sells the Echo on St Mary Street, it’s ridiculous).


To answer my own question:

I always say my birthplace, which I lived in only for a short time at the very start of my life. I moved around a fair bit (dad was in the armed forces) and to say anywhere else would be disingenuous.

Where I live now, was born and grew up are all different places

Secretly crave a life where they were all the same


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Haha when I went to Calgary I saw Airdrie on the map and was kinda tempted to take a day out to see what it’s like







I wince when the conversation moves towards that – “nah, but where are you from originally?”


To the surprise of no one i ham up my Scottishness “born in Edinburgh, grew up in Norwich, then Glasgow” but that’s partly because no one can trace my admittedly fucked up accent. Seriously everyone thinks im either Kiwi, Aussie or American


Same here. I’m Indian. Not sure if they’re asking where I was born (NW London), where I live currently (NW London) or ethnic origin (parents born and raised in India).


nobody asks me where I’m from because I never leave the town


Thanks @whiterussian


I now know where Airdrie is and think @Epimer should just say he’s from Hamilton to avoid the confusion




Took a 100 mile detour to visit Peterborough Ontario when on a Canadian road trip.

Was dull.