When someone asks you where you're from



I don’t get it, nice ball though


Haha thanks.
It’s The Prisoner.
Zorbing balls stopped him from leaving town. It was either this or Under The Dome I was going to use :slight_smile:


Chatelherault wanker!


I stayed in London, Ontario whilst roadtripping just because. Was OK.


Peterborough is as bad as Airdrie, yes.


There aren’t any towns in other countries named Clitheroe, understandably.

Both the Scottish and Australian Perths look quite nice.


Didn’t ever live in the town I was born in, so no point saying that. Lived from the age of 6 months to 18 years in Plymouth so usually go with that.


When folk ask me where I’m from I always say ‘not airdrie’


Hamilton and Airdrie are not comparable.


Coatbridge wanker!


ahaha “Zorbing balls” this show sounds great


yeah depends who asks. if i’m in the place where i live now then i tell them where i grew up, obviously.

when i’m elsewhere i say i live in Belfast but for some reason can’t help myself from also trying to tell them where i grew up as well even though no one cares. if i’m down in Dublin or somewhere like that i’ll say i’m originally from west Tyrone, if i’m over in England or something i’ll say i grew up near Derry (Derry being where i was born as it’s the nearest hospital) even though they might not really know or care where it is.

think i just don’t like the idea of anyone thinking i’m a proper Belfast prick.


E :heart:️ S :yellow_heart: S :purple_heart: E :blue_heart: X :green_heart:


I live in London but where I was born and grew up is so close to London. People commute here for work every single day. So I might as well say “London”. To people who know something about garage-rock then I might say “Medway” because they’ll know of the area because of Billy Childish and other local bands.


Hmmmm they are a wee bit


What do you mean by that? As in, they’re two very different places?


I always stress that i’m from South Manchester.

Very important.


I just say London. I’ve now lived here for longer than any other place (Essex, then Hertfordshire, then Newcastle). Even when I was growing up, I’d usually say ‘near London’ if people from overseas asked, as it was easier.


Where I live now to people who don’t know west Kent
Where I grew up to people who do


yeah i always say north manchester, but i now live in south manchester. very important