When someone asks you where you're from



Very similar to @whiterussian

If I’m in Wellington, then usually ‘born here, lived here most of my life but spent ten years in London’
If I’m talking to someone who knows the city then I might tell them where I grew up and where I live now
Someone from outside Wellington I’d just say Wellington
If I was outside NZ then just NZ

When I lived in the UK it was always funny seeing how people reacted when I told them I lived in Brixton. Lot of very thinly-veiled racism, mainly from people outside London.


I think if I went round saying I was from Glasgow I’d cause a lot of confusion and a small amount of violence.


They don’t want you either, huh?


I’m black, so people are usually actually asking where my parents are from.
“I’m from London.”
“Yes, but where are you really from?”

When my niece was pretty young and hadn’t had to answer this question 1 million times already, she responded:
“OK, but where are you really from?”
she blinked.
“South London”

I actua-LOLed.


I have a mate from South Wales who is black. When he opens his mouth and that accent comes out, you should see people’s faces. :laughing:


friend of mine in the same situ automatically answers ‘the dark lands massa’ whenever people enquire this. i have seen people pale significantly and then try and turn it into a joke while digging bigger holes. <3


C’mon now. Hamilton has shite bits as does Airdrie but then Hamilton has nice bits and Airdrie… is also in Scotland.


yeah ive got a mate whos chinese and has the thickest manc accent. people ask him where hes from and he says manchester, and theyre like ooh i didnt expect that accent. and hes like, ok im actually from prestwich


Depends on my mood.
Default answer: “London”

Bad mood: NW London.
Good mood: I will get out world maps & shit and properly go into it.


“Today’s a good day. I’m gonna bring my maps out with me today.”


It’s 2018 @ma0sm ! Just wait a sec while I load up Google Earth so that we can virtually stroll through the village of one of my forefathers…



When people ask ‘no, I mean originally?’ I might answer with ‘Pittsburg’ in reference to short circuit


Four fathers?

[In the voice of George from Blackadder Goes Forth]


I can’t stand Hamilton, too many bad memories of getting chased there by gangs


Oh it’s bad for that, aye. Outside the palace is a warzone.


Usually just say Nottingham but on the rare occasions that I get a “yeah but where’s your family from” (I’m very white but a bit foreign-looking and my name is foreign) I kinda enjoy going into the details


“I’m from London”
“Which part?”


I’d never admit to Chatham, If that bit were true.


Used to tell people where I was born and how I moved about, but then realised they’re just making small talk and don’t really care.


My wife gets that a lot. I think it’s funnier when she names the borough/area. Not sure why, I just do.

“OK, but where are you really from?”