When someone asks you where you're from



Was told I looked Turkish once. Interesting.

Once got asked “Is Lancashire near Scarborough?” by someone from Sheffield. Tbf he didn’t look like someone who left his mum’s basement much.


I also get a lot of ethnic origin questions, but being white, it’s easier for me because if they’ve just found out my surname then they’re after the “no but where are you really from?” and otherwise they just want to know if i grew up nearby


same. people are always like, “ahh, I didn’t think you sounded like a northerner!”

and I’m just glad for the attention they’re paying me


Nottingham. Which was where I was living before I emigrated.

Born and grew up in Yeovil. Obviously not gonna say that to an American. Big fan of when soccer loving Americans ask me what team I support, and I say “Yeovil” and they either stare at me blankly or pretend that Yeovil and Man Utd is a big rivalry.







If people don’t know where that is, I say London.

If people ask me about my surname/middle name, I say that my dad is a filthy foreigner.


Ah, that brings back memories…


peoples champ ruffers was amazed by how much more northern i sounded irl than you do. that’s the north manchester bit tho innit


Absolutely hate the question.

Can’t really go with where I was born (Newham/East London) because I didn’t really live there long enough, and I hate having to say Basildon/Essex because there are a disappointingly large amount of people who seem to view you negatively for being ‘from’ there. Ideally the questioner is from far enough away I can just say the vague and evasive ‘South-East’.


Essex Riviera


All the best people are from Basildon


I say Leeds, except when people in Leeds ask, which is when I say That London.


I know, gonad, but few other people seem to acknowledge this :pensive:

Sometimes I go ultra specific and say Laindon, which has often led to people thinking I say London in a really odd way.




Do you say ‘pale ale’ like ‘Payo ayo’?






pow wow


Should I be saying it like that?


Two famous Essex based dissers recorded themselves saying pale ale a while back and it sounded like payo ayo.

Maybe you should reconsider your pronunciation