When someone asks you where you're from



A few of my mates from back home (Essex) say that. Was funny when one of them asked for a Dales Pale Ale once.

“Dows Pow Owl”.

My accent isn’t that thick and I went to a tory Grammar school so I say it proper.


I think this is where the Scottish question ‘where do you stay?’ comes in. Helpfully eliminates ambiguity.


I hear ya’. Was born in Dublin, but did the bulk of my school years in Southend. And I think where you went to school is where you’re “from”. So I’m from Essex, whether I like it or not.

I think if you’re from one of the home counties but say you’re from London, it’s like you think you’re somehow ashamed of it and I find that a bit snobby.


I normally put on a mockney accent and respond “SARF LANDAN”, then go back to my normal voice and explain that while I’m technically from South London where I’m from isn’t considered London by a lot of people who live in London, isn’t on the tube and is postally Surrey still.


I’m from London but those conversations often go like this:

Enquirer: So, where are you from?
Me: London.
Enquirer: No, I mean originally.
Me: London.
Enquirer: No, I mean where are you really from?
Me: London.
Enquirer (becoming agitated): No, I mean, where are your parents from?
Me: London.
Enquirer (clearly exasperated by my intransigence): No, where are your parents’ families from?
Me: My Mum’s family are all from east London and my Dad’s are from Trinidad and Venezuela.
Enquirer: Ahh, yes. Do you go home often?
Me: (turns around and leaves).


you met Ruff Ruffs?! how Welsh did he sound to you?


yeah when i went to stinking lundun for work. had a right old bunch of babes. he sounded pretty welsh, like 7/welsh


I’ve lived in Cardiff for my entire adult life so if someone asks then I’ll generally say that, but because of my seemingly unchangeable Saesneg accent I sometimes use where I grew up (near Southampton) or the fact that I was born in Reading to make self-hating jokes about being English.


Ahhh what’s your middle name again? It’s something good isn’t it