When someone recommends a TV show heartily and you watch it but its actually dull but you have to pretend to like it so as not to hurt their feelings


Got recommended the Bridge by a good friend, and fuck me is it just meh. Like s1 was cool but the ending was shit, and s2 was shit all round. Its not even about crimes, its just a fucking soap opera.

But i’m going to have to pretend to like it so as to not hurt their feelings



I have never done this. I’m quite happy to tell someone that I don’t like something if I don’t like it. It’s not a personal attack against them and my close friends know this. (I have been called scary by two different people though)


Or just tell them it wasn’t really your cup of tea like a human adult might


too much hassle innit


That’s Baywatch, not The Bridge


I had a friend who used to really be into Merlin and she would always tell me to watch it, which I ended up doing. Eventually it grew on me; it wasn’t very good but it was charming.


I don’t think you understand how much fun it is to tell people you don’t like things


I think you’re just going to have to watch the third series out of politeness.


I keep recommending Halt and Catch Fire to people but none of them have Amazon Prime. It really is a masterpiece. A cross between The Hour’s crafted nostalgia, Mad Men’s ability to bring potent history into a historical drama and this fantastic gaze at the future through the eyes of the past (it’s all about making computers and the birth of internet communities). Plus the soundtrack is better than the Stranger Things one. And the lead actor is what Juliette Lewis would have been like if she was in Hackers instead of Jolie.


and the 4th now ffs. I just hope the crimes are better from here on out


it’s on series 4 already?! sure it wasn’t that long ago bbc4 were showing s3 and i only watched a couple of episodes :tv:


4th is on the way apparently


Did you watch the Danish/Swedish version or the American one? That might be the problem. The Scandinavian original is so much better.


This seems incomprehensibly DIS to me.

I think the closest I’ve got is when somebody gave me a series of Curb Your Enthusiasm for Christmas. After 18 months, I told him I’d watched a couple but didn’t like it so he’d stop asking questions.


watching the Danish/Swedish version. S1 was good, but the ending was a balls up, and the last half of s2 was very annoying. S3 is meant to be the best but I can’t go on without Martin :pensive: