When someone records their telly (television)

to document something that just happened on it, they always laugh out loud in the recording. This thread is to make you aware of that, so I don’t have to keep saying it. Because it happens EVERY FUCKING TIME, CUNTS.

video of someone’s wig falling off
wig falls off fwssHAHAhaha!
uploads to twitter


Yeah does my head in. Anyone doing this is a FUCKING. CUNT.

Good thread

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  • I’ve done this
  • watching, silent, always

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oh no it’s an old thread what have u done

Love it when someone films their telly, always basically unrecognisabe, squint angle, terrible quality. Love it.

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Should do an appreciation thread where only videos taken using this approach are allowed.

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Often do it when filming clips of Corrie to a mate

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Guaranteed to hear someone hiding at work watching one of these everyday. The laugh is the big giveaway.