When someone says, "can you do me a favour?"


  • say yes, and then ask what the favour is
  • ask what the favour is before you say yes

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For the purpose of this exercise, the person is a good friend.

Chat encouraged, my friend is currently giving me beeves for saying “depends what the favour is!”

Say yes and then ask what the favour is.

  • Just a nice guy/gal
  • Mug

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Depends who asks



For this I’d say a good friend; not a casual acquaintance but nor a partner or family member or best friend who you might more readily supply a blanket ‘yes’ to

Don’t think I’ve ever said yes off the bat, or met anyone who would expect you to do the favour without prior knowledge.

Hey @zxcvbnm2 can you do me a favour??

I don’t think you’re locked in if you say yes. You can say yes, find out what it is and then say no.


When the favour is not as advertised

  • Live and let life
  • Unacceptable

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Notably thinking of when I offered to move a ‘few bits’ of a friends stuff from halls after they’d gone back home. Was 5 car loads of stuff including a huge box of toilet rolls. Had to store that in my own fucking house

So really it’s a question of authenticity and integrity because I’d sooner the suspense of delaying to say yes than the fraudulence of saying yes knowing full well I might not do it

someone is irked when you say “depends what it is”

  • Fair cop
  • Unfair cop

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My friends wouldn’t ask anything I wouldn’t be willing to do

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I think this is a key point and one I had overlooked

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It’s always touching their willy, isn’t it.

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Even when people don’t say “it depends what it is” it clearly obviously always “depends what it is” . You may as well be enforcing “bagsies”


Usually just say no for the bants

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“Nah, busy”

I think this subtext had eluded me, learning a lot

ie an immutable law