When the BBC News ends and you don't get the regional news through your tellybox...

…and it’s basically a red screen with, idk, some sort of steel drum or something on loop for about ten minutes.

That’s genuinely the thing i like most on TV.


One of the backdrop videos is of loads of sausage dogs walking down the quayside in Newcastle city centre, that’s a good one.


Nice and calming. I think Martin Parr might have filmed them all. If you’re into that. Might have just made this up though.

That’s amore!


Drove me loopy when I was at home all day. That said I would always leave it on because I’m layz and would rather be dead than switch to the non-HD channel.

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We switch over to the blurry low def BBC1 after the 10pm because we can’t get enough stories about stabbings. I take it as a point of pride to get back to the high def channel without cutting off either the local or the national weather person.


Why don’t you get regional news?

Man of the world


Think it’s because it’s a digital channel but (somehow, dunno) the regional news comes through the analogue aerial, which is broke.

Why can’t the regional stations get their shit together and get hd’ed up? It’s 2020 ffs.

I bet @marckee would know this.


I don’t understand why they can’t show regional news - just pick a random one each day. Will be like being on holiday in the UK without having to actually be on holiday in the UK.


Marckee would 100%.

Adybongo might, but for me he’s a poor man’s Marckee.

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This irks me because we have an ongoing ‘what’s the point of HD, SD is fine, I can’t tell the difference’ debate in our home and this gives ammunition to the SD side.

Be nice if iPlayer had to the option to switch to SD so you could get the news wouldnt it.

and getting caught in the rain


Or if they just put the regional news in the iPlayer pipe and sent it down as well. What am I even paying my licence fee for, come on

It happens if you have the HD channel on.

The last analogue services here were shut off like eight years ago!

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Think Corbyn might have swung the election with this in the manifesto


don’t think i know what you’re talking about

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Put it in the pipe, Corbyn!

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