When the clocks go back / forward:



When do you adjust your clocks / watches?

  • Before I go to bed on the Saturday night
  • After I wake up on the Sunday morning
  • “live” (i.e. at 2am on the Sunday morning)
  • I have no devices that need manual adjustment (wahey)

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It’s this weekend right?


Whatever way I do it I need to change, because last time I got it very wrong, effectively robbed myself of two hours of sleep, then went to a Netrunner tournament and did the worst I’ve ever done due to being unable to think through the sleep fug.

  • about two weeks after they go back
  • generic tory option

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Might try and store up the hours back by ignoring the clocks going back for 24 years then giving myself a whole day as a present.


The Autumn one’s shit because small children have no concept of time or lie-ins.


So true. And then it feels like aaaaages before bedtime.


when the clocks have changed

  • i have gone into work at the wrong time
  • i am captain time, king of the clocks

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I always make sure that there is one clock on my bedside which needs to be manually adjusted. I have been caught out in the past by not knowing if my clocks have auto-updated during the night and leapt out of bed because I was ‘late’, only to find when I turned on the TV (phnaarr) that it was an hour earlier


My nan & grandad used to have their wedding anniversary on the 1st April, and it was my nan’s birthday on that day too.

Every single year that there was a family get together at the end of March, my uncle would turn up to the restaurant an hour late.


fuck off am i the only one that has done this


And no one thought to tell him that the table was booked for an hour earlier than it actually was…? smh


Ahhh… the patented @aboynamedgoo ‘arranging a 5-a-side start time’ tactic.


Nobody needs to manually adjust clocks any more, everybody just looks at their phone which has automatically updated. I will not accept any arguments to the contrary.


I like the cut of his jib


Pretty sure that Louis-taccos still turned up late…


I have had phones in the past which didn’t adjust and, as a consequence, I am deeply distrustful of them. Give me a Nokia 5310 any day of the year (esp. the last Sunday’s of March and October)


Was caught out and late for football on Sunday one time as my phone automatically did it and I also changed the time before bed!


Fuck off, Granddad

Edit: I’m immediately sorry about posting this, sorry


Boring but genuine question - is there a reason its always on Sundays? I would love an extra hour in bed on Monday AM tbh