When was the last really big wedding?


Posh - becks?
Kate - William?
Sticky man - Web server?

Feels like there’s not been a big one for a while


Kate and WIlliam surely


this isn’t really suitable for this time of night


MAN + goat


Yeah but that was quite a long time ago now really


Peanut Butter & Chocolate


Posh & Becks aren’t even top dozen ranking.

Rooney & Coleen at #4, though.


Get ready for number three.

:neutral_face: It’s William & Kate. Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia at 2. Chas & Di @ 1. Chelsea Clinton plus one at five. Macca and Mills at 8. Generic Hollywood Slebs make up the rest of the list.


Scott and Charlene.

Angry Anderson even sang a song about it.


Wills and Kate cos we got a bank holiday for it


I’m pretty sure Scott and Charlene’s got better viewers.

(No. It didn’t.)


My heart skipped a beat when I thought I’d missed the wedding of the century - Chas and Dave