When was the last time we talked about continuity announcements and idents on tv?



I haven’t watched live tv much in ages (normally just have v shows injected to my brain via the internet) and felt a bit nostalgic seeing the BBC 2 ident (I think that’s the right name), it must be years since they updated it.


does that Julian guy still do the UTV ones @pinkybrain @Icarus-Smicarus @cowcow


Martin Parr’s done a few of the new BBC ones.


I remember the sense of novelty when a TV channel changed their indents

Continuity announcer strikes me as a piss easy job


saw him once in M&S in Ballyhackamore when we were both buying our dinner.


BBC 2 have went back to using the ones from the 90s haven’t they?


I’d like to do that job, how much do you get paid?


oh right, that would explain it


I’m not a continuity announcer


I genuinely like the tune on this one




i’m going over there to talk to hyg now


the bbc did a novelty one on saturday before doctor who, with the continuity fella being attacked mid announcement by a cyberman. good times.


dunno why i’ve replied to you there @foppyish, soz


that’s okay


think he might still do voiceovers but they recently scrapped his on-screen appearances.

plus there’s now a separate UTV Ireland in the republic which he’s not on at all (as David O’Doherty mentioned his disappointment about it when i saw him live last year). i think we get both versions of it at my parents’ house but i so rarely watch either that i still can’t tell the difference aside from him.

also i once saw him being taken to the VIP section of a nightclub in Belfast


this is a very pleasing anecdote.

can still picture him introducing the latest episode of coronation street or blind date with a cheeky remark


It would be a bit of a weird job:

“Have you thought about your objectives for this year?”


Always liked this Channel 4 ident: