When was the last time we talked about continuity announcements and idents on tv?

I always liked those. I don’t really get the current mining ones.


this was fun Channel 4 continuity announcers mispronounce The Simpsons - YouTube

You do have to make sure you get the timing right mind. There’s a famous story about the continuity announcer mistiming the introduction of a programme called “[presenter’s name]: the Old Country” with the unfortunate result that the final syllable was cut off by the start of the programme.

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i only recently found out he doesn’t do the corrie intros anymore :cry:

you are more than welcome to disregard my silly tribute tho


Something about idents that gets me really nostalgic and slightly melancholic. One of my favourites was the old C4 one that was just made up of coloured blocks sliding in over a black screen, and before Gazetta Football Italia it would changes to red, white and green blocks. It was because they are the colours of the Italian flag! ha ha. Remember that?

Also, the BBC balloon was good, much better than the current ‘everyday folk’ crap.


Hahaha this is wild

I always remember this guy from GCSE years who was really passionate about indents. We did a mock Room 101 thing at one point…and he put some new female BBC director in for “landing” the BBC balloon and replacing it with those circles of dancers, hippos, cyclists etc. He was really, really angry about it.

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DJ Extreme measures Trevor Eve

Last time I watched BBC 2, they were using the fuzzy twos from when I was a small child. Got me a bit nostalgic.

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