When was the last time you adjusted your office chair?


Just straightened the back of mine.

Fucking hell! I feel 20 years younger! (so: 5)


Probably on day one of the job. So about 14 months ago.


Monday morning. Someone had clearly adjusted it over the weekend but WHO and WHY


Got a new chair a couple of weeks ago so had to extend the arm rests so they’d fit over my desk.


I sit in a non-adjustable old kitchen chair when I’m typing so never. I do need to replace the padding in the seat so I will do that in the upcoming months.


Every fucking morning #onlyhotdeskerswillunderstand


Yesterday. My chair appears to have spontaneously broken over the weekend and now the back won’t stay up properly. As building services will take a year to get here to look at it I’ve improvised with a Twinnings tea box - it’s done the job nicely.


About 20 months ago I adjusted the height. Nothing else really adjusts, though if you push back on it the back sorts of bends, which is quite nice when you need a stretch.


Constantly adjusting it. Why can’t I have a recliner?


This is the word I was looking for.