When was the last time you asked to see the manager?

Know this pain (ex father in law in Devon)

I was a few steps into a nightclub and the bouncers hauled me back and said that I had to leave. The manager had told them through their earpieces that I shouldn’t have been let in. Believed them, but when I asked to speak to the manager they said it couldn’t happen.

Remember when I worked in a supermarket with a load of women I used to be able to defuse a lot of situations with customers purely by repeating exactly what the women had said but having the benefit of being a male wearing a blazer.

Realised I missed a step with this one. Before hanging up, she asked to speak to the the big boss, the head of customer service. I was able to inform her that neither Susan nor her job share partner Angela were available to take her call. Extremely satisfying

Conversely my day got absolutely ruined a while back when someone found our CEO’s Instagram and DM’d him what turned out to be a completely spurious complaint.

Normally my relationships end when the complaints about the quality of my salad tossing start to come in!1!

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I think my bum would panic if it was covered in a sweet liquid/syrup


Slurp that syrup right up.

I prefer to send a letter to head office that also mentions that the initial people I spoke to were excellent (and need to be paid more) but enforcing a really shitty policy.


omg you’re not?!

TGI Fridays are really hot on sending the manager over, aren’t they? Went years ago and there was something slightly different with what I ordered compared to what came out, but wasn’t a huge deal. Think I mentioned it politely, and said I was happy to eat it if it was any problem etc, and the waitress immediately got the manager over who was really disproportionately apologetic (not in a bad way ofc) and knocked it off the bill or gave free drinks or something.

Was quite impressed, but must be a bit shit for the staff and lead to loads of customers trying to game free stuff

Apparently you can use sugar as a substitute so don’t worry too much

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Someone on here was talking about taking their car for a drive to stop the battery going flat.

There’s a bloke who parks his car outside mine and goes out and sits in it every now and then to have hands free calls. I think he thinks nobody can hear but he has it pumping out of his car soundsystem. Sometimes listen to him if I’m on the toilet.

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Audrey Roberts’ conman boyfriend has a campaign to stop people doing it. Apparently people hate being told to turn their cars off.

I think I remember him encouraging an army of kids to go out and tell people to turn their cars off.

The only reason I think someone could have to leave their car running is if their battery’s broken and doesn’t start by itself.

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I was going to do and “scrambled egg” as a hilarious Frasier reference but then I looked that up on urban dictionary out of curiosity and now I don’t want to.

Cooked cum?

I once had to try and describe Nigel Havers during some pictionary/charades-type bullshit game. Got as far as “English” and literally couldn’t think of anything else.