When was the last time you asked to see the manager?

It’s like when parents want to speak to the headteacher and I’m like oh okay I’m just the adult that’s around your child all the time but okay but tbh deep down I’m like yessss don’t have to deal with them


Imagine if you’d made a complaint. They probably would still be open, having understood the error of their ways


Oh I remember once thinking I’d given a tenner at the till and not getting enough change back and the guy was like “oh I have to get the manager then” at which point I was like uhhhh I’m not 100% sure myself actually and we just both stood there awkwardly for a bit

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I can’t think of a time I’ve ever done this. I’m more of a go home and sulk to a message board than complain there and then kind of person

Oh gosh, it was at our 2018 work Christmas meal at (Wildwood in Cambridge, for those of you who like details). There’s a whole backstory to the afternoon, but it culminated in one of my team - who had organised the meal - in floods of angry tears. The whole meal was a shambles: everything was either late, or cold, or wrong. Not sure what had happened, whether they’d just underestimated how long it took to cook for 30-odd people, but it was a disaster. Anyway I had to speak to the manager to try to sort the whole thing out.

I wasn’t particularly successful to be honest - we got a partial refund but my colleague had negotiated that. I think I was just trying to take some of the heat out of the situation, which I guess I succeeded in doing so.

I think I can safely say I’ve never asked to speak to anyone


This was about being ID’d for cooking wine that I was picking up for Linda before the United Wigan game btw

sometimes I @ @sean which is the asking to speak to the manager of online posting


I think the last time I asked to speak to a manager was to apologise for one of my friends being rude to a member of staff. I can’t think of anything I’d want to complain about that I would go over the head of the person I was speaking to.

Tell a lie, because I got really, really frustrated with someone when trying to sort out a delivery issue I asked to be put through to a supervisor. Not proud.

I remember feeling really sorry for Reading that day as they won 4-0 but still went down as Portsmouth couldn’t be arsed to beat Fulham with their Cup final the week after. But back then I did have Tory tendencies.

That’s probably the first and last time anyone has ever drummed up any emotional response to anything related to Reading FC


Thought you meant you were at the DW and wanted to meet Fergie for champers!

I don’t think the town exists full stop. Yeah there’s Reading Festival but it’s always been held in Leeds, they just have to balance it out to stop Yorkshire being too full of themselves.


In France, probably at a garage that had kidnapped my car for the 19th time. Never done it in a normal country.

I mean I’m happy to be proved wrong, and they might be lovely places, but there’s a lot of towns a long way south of me that I’m convinced, as much as the cartographers would deny, don’t exist.

Top 10:

Blandford Forum (no DiS jokes please)
Wimborne Minster

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@profk we’re on!!!

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i’ve had a lot of this in call centre jobs. with the added irony that the managers don’t actually know anything about the inner workings of the job or so you actually have to explain to the manager why we can’t do something that they can just parrot it back to the customer


Real, worked here for a bit

Bloody lovely place

Ringwood, blandford forum, wimborne minster and devizes are all nice places. Stopped wincanton morrisons for a wee wee, Honiton is the terminus of the A303, been to the centre parcs at warminster

Some of these are @Slicky country too iirc

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don’t think i’ve ever asked to speak to a manager, but i did send some strongly worded email replies to MusicMagpie a couple of months ago when they refused to fix the phone i bought from them (the microphone stopped working but they refused to fix it because there’s a crack in the screen from an entirely separate incident months earlier that apparently invalidates the entire warranty - further research suggests this seems to be standard practice but i’m not a fan)

oh i see we’ve moved onto the ‘incredibly niche humour about regional english towns’ section of the thread. i’ll see myself out i think.