When was the last time you ate a mini pizza

  • Yesterday
  • Last week
  • Last month
  • Last year
  • Last decade
  • Last century
  • I cannot remember

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Please note that this is NOT a novelty poll and that results are being taken seriously. Thank you for your cooperation :pizza:

One of these last month


What do I put if it was around 2005 please?

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Last time I went to gf mums house, she got one of these out of the oven and before I could say anything had smothered it in tomato ketchup and dished it up to me


Managed to eat half


always think of these little guys with mini pizza.

Not sure I ever have

Have definitely picked up one of these from the Lidl in-store bakery to eat on the drive home within the last year…


My mum used to buy misery frozen pizza’s when I was a kid in the 80s. A smear of something purporting to be tomato, about four bits of generic cheese on top of a 3” disc of frozen bread. So not since the 80s is the answer.

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I just had a square pizza slice (airport thing) that was definitely comparable to a mini pizza, but decided it did not count as an actual mini pizza, especially in a very serious poll such as this one.

around 2am, December 10, 2022. i remember it well


can’t stop imagining a pizza with loads of mini metros as the topping

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chop top, he says i’m gonna win big


I think it was a mini Lidl one in 2019

Ketchup on pizza, can’t abide it. The vinegary taste totally clashes with the.tomato sauce already on there.

My wife has a habit of covering her pizza in it then struggling to finish her pizza and offering the final few ketchup slabbered slices to me :frowning_face:

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Saturday at a buffet. Tasted of fuck all.

Just now

Had a Chicago Town one for lunch one day about 2 weeks ago

January the 28th 2023 (Saturday).
Around mid day.

Just youngest and me in the house, desperately trying to scrounge up some lunch and found a couple in the back of the freezer. Probably avoid as old as her tbh.

Was… fine.

Last Thursday, IIRC. I eat them often, because these are the only pizza bases I can buy on this benighted island, and I’m too lazy to make bases myself (don’t eat shop pizzas cos I can’t eat cheese)


Had a pizzetta yesterday. Does that count?

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