When Was The Last Time You Ate Jelly & Ice Cream?

Please do NOT use this thread for:

  • Saying when you last ate jelly without ice cream
  • Saying when you last ate ice cream without jelly
  • Talking about ice cream in general
  • Talking about jelly in general
  • Wondering what Americans call jelly and ice cream

Please DO use this thread for:

  • Answering the fucking question

Don’t like jelly in general

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Sorry, to answer the question at hand, I can’t remember. Probably when I was 4/5 at a birthday party. Don’t like it though. Ice cream is good though isn’t it @ma0sm

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when Thatcher died

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It is! :heart:

Given the number of toddler’s birthday parties I’ve had to endure, not recently enough

When I was 5 (so 1995) at a birthday party

Jelly and ice cream was not a desert thing in my family, so I was pretty excited. But this other kid ate too much then ran around and threw up something which did not look unlike the thick pinky goo from ghostbusters II. Put me off since :(((

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I can answer this roughly. It would have been around January 6th 1994 at my eighth birthday party when my Mother, very amusingly, forgot to serve the jelly and ice cream to the guests leading to an enormous amount of jelly and ice cream needing to be eaten by my mother, father, sister and myself after the party! Very amusing stuff.


This is very amusing, I’d love to hear your mum talk about it.


You may be surprised to learn that this is actually a funny story that is spoken about semi-regularly so I may be able to livestream it next time it happens.


Valentines Day 2012.

I think only the Celts on here will get this

@SenorDingDong @fitzcarraldo



the old firm game in the april after that is still one of the best days of my life, passing round the coffin at parkhead etc :joy:

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Some time in October 2016.

I had been in hospital for an daypatient operation. Mrs F promised me jelly and ice cream when I came home and she was true to her word.

Further point. Jelly and ice cream is great, but jelly and ice cream when you’re high as a kite on serious painkillers is an absolute blast.

I had blackcurrant jelly and ice cream at Coombeshead Farm a week ago. It was incredible.

Or any of these

disgusting combo

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Last year for my nephews 7th birthday party. It was his 8th birthday on Friday but they were on holiday so I missed out on any potential jelly and ice cream. He may have been too old for it now anyway.

When Rangers went bankrupt

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