When was the last time you bled (from a cut or scrape or nosebleed)

I’m bleeding right now and probably bleed two or three times a week as one of our cats has zero claw control.

Cheers everyone!

Near constantly, due to eczema.


Every day; psoriasis.

Near constantly, due to a bad finger-nibbling habit

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I’m looking for (non-serious) wounding stories here!

Couple of days ago. trapped some skin on my palm in a latch. Previously about a week ago, bitten on the inside of my left arm by my dickhead cat who seemed to have mistaken me for a mouse or something. Still hasn’t healed fully yet.

Last Wednesday. Stabbed myself on something at work.



Got a cardboard cut on December 10th of last year.

got roped into destroying an old mac, sliced a bit of my thumb on it

This is surprisingly precise.

I am a master of precision

sorry, it was actually the base of my finger

I feel it is lacking the key detail of where the cardboard cut was sustained. Could we get this information please, @anon5266188?

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back on a bad spiral of biting the inside of my lip/cheek/tongue. once it happens once, it WILL happen again. Last night to answer the question

I’ve got into a bad habit of running my eczema hands under uncomfortably hot water to deal with the itching. I don’t bleed but they are dry af at the minute.

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The cardboard cut was sustained between my thumb and index finger on my right hand, the coordinates of where it was sustained are 51.559147,-0.124779


Mine is on the inside of my wrist.

In that case could you let us know what time said injury was sustained?

It was sustained at 11:20

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20 minutes after a call I had.