When Was The Last Time You Bought Flowers?


Been ages for me. Got into the habit of buying them after doing something stupid / having an argument with the TV and then she asked me to stop buying them because now they had an association with unhappy times for her.

I ruined flowers for someone. hbu?


Oh mate :confused:


I think it would probably have been around two years ago or so.


this week! i buy em every couple weeks for the missus (but also because i like plants being in the house)


I definitely have in the last month or so, but I can’t remember exactly when, because I don’t want to do it for a particular reason or because I’ve done something wrong. Maybe I’ll get some more this weekend.


Whenever mother’s day was, through some non-unionised Mexican equivalent to Interflora.


29 May 2018

£5 for a big bunch. They lasted until 5 June 2018.


Peonies are in season rn and they’re one of the tv’s favourite flowers so I bought some last week. As evidenced in my through the keyhole video they will be long dead before they’re thrown away.


ERM. did you do a through the keyhole video? :o


I used to work with a guy who bought his wife a big bunch of flowers every friday, he’d buy them at lunch then bring them into the office- actually it might have been every other Friday which is worse somehow

The marriage didn’t last


I am now trying to buck that trend and only buy them at neutral / good times.


Got myself some daffodils not long ago :blush: thanks me


The morning of the Champions League final. Unrelated to the fact that I was watching the final as part of an all day drinking session with a load of mates.

Buy flowers about twice a month anyway because after my wife’s Mum died we resolved to always have a bunch of her favourite flowers in the house, in memory. 5 years on and we’ve maintained it religiously.


Good on you la. They’re a beautiful thing to have in your abode aren’t they. Subsequently living with a female woman has given me a really vested interest in candles :man_shrugging:


It was a few months ago now I think.


May 14th, when ‘er indoors started her new job (does that make her’ er outdoors? Unsure).


No, they make me sneeze and can fuck off. I get enough of that shit from outside.


I have, occasionally, got some with the online shopping.

After the initial gifting of the flowers, it’s not like there’s going to be any difference between them and some bought from a florists, is there?


fuck candles forever. A loves them. I just don’t get it. I will never get it. STOP BUYING CANDLES


Right lads telly’s on, check; Bob, you brought the beers, check; Crispin, pizzas on the way, check; Geoff don’t tell me you forgot the flowers…