When was the last time you changed your hairstyle?

i ma having my hair cut on saturday - no change in style -
i don’t think i have consciously changed my hair style for about 177 years - has kind of naturally changed during this time tho

In terms of getting a proper change rather than gettnig it cut back into the same style it’s grown out from, 4 1/2 years. Got my hair cut from top-of-boob length (which looked fucking terrible tbh - my hair is so thick that it was impossible to look after) to a chin-length inverted bob. Now I can’t ever imagine going back to having hair more than a few inches longer than that.

whats an inverted bob?

I’ve had roughly the same hair cut for about 16 years now, though the exact length of cut has varied a bit over that time. I’ll have to change it at some point if I go bald but I’m blessed with a good hairline.


Where it’s shortest in the middle (at the back) and gets longer towards your face.

my hair basically only does one thing - i’ve basically just upgraded to hair products that actually work over the years, other than that it’s been the same since i became self-aware probably

like Justine Frischmann?

i hope i haven’t offended you with my insensitivity

very soirry

Mine’s longer and neater, but yes, basically. (She was my haircut inspiration at the time so <3 for the reference point)

that is an excellent haircut

Nice and tidy, not too much off the top… because there ISN’T much on top right? (self-deprecating joke really dying inside)

Has been my ‘do’ for a good while now.

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Grew it out a little and started to side-part it about seven years ago.

Before that, I got rid of my curtains about seventeen years ago.

I’m beginning to thin a bit on top, so I’ll have to start thinking about shaving the whole lot off in the next couple of years, I imagine.

yes - that is pretty much the same thing really

my good post-hair friend always wears teh same style of hats

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Don’t think it’s possible for me to do so

Went from having hair and balding to being bald at the weekend so I’ll say last Saturday.

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I guess I sort of vaguely change it, but it always turns back into the same hairstyle, so I have given up on controlling my hair.

I did stop dying it though, because the dye was giving me excema. I thought I had bog standard brown hair, but it’s grown out way redder than I expected.

Surprised it took you so long, I got rid of mine eighteen years ago.

Fellow baldy checking in. To answer the question: three months ago when the hair on top of my head finally reached unacceptable levels of thinning so the clippers came out.

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I never bought into the whole FHM reader/wax stick look, so was a little late in shifting away.