When was the last time you clapped?

That didn’t involve live music?

Maybe at the end of the conference I went to on Wednesday? It was a good conference tbf.

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Last night

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New brand launch on Wednesday. It was a round of applause started by my boss, who was standing next to me at the time.

This morning, at my daughter for eating all her ready brek


Went on a free walking tour of Lima yesterday and everyone clapped the guide

:clap: WELL :clap: DONE :clap: FOR :clap: EATING :clap: YOUR :clap: READY :clap: BREK!


9th March. Plymouth Argyle v Luton. Wasn’t fucking much to clap about trust me.


Think when the younguns use the word ‘clapped’ it refers to someone who is uncool

Some of the younguns at my jiujitsu gym were calling Teresa May and her husband* clapped as fuck

*(they thought phillip hammond was her boy)

Yesterday. Everyone else started clapping so I joined in.

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At the football on Sunday.

This morning

Last night at the cinema after the film had finished

1994 :wink:


This afternoon. Celebration assembly standard Friday protocol innit.

Good excuse to post this fucking belter

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That’s a different protocol. And one I can’t be part of today, more’s the pity

On Sunday, while watching a half marathon that my girlfriend was doing.