When was the last time you did something your mother told you not to do?

I reheated a prawn risotto on the microwave after she warned me not to when I brought the topic up over the phone. Still too early to see if I was right.


she doesn’t bother, knows it’ll fall on deaf ears. She just does a disapproving noise not too dissimilar to Marge Simpson.

plucks child rearing example from bottomless pit

smoked lots of ciggies last weekend

Wore patterned trousers yesterday despite having a large arse

Is that worse than wearing one block colour? I thought pattern would be a more narrowing/slimming effect.

I was always told that unless you were skinny you had to wear plain dark-coloured bottoms

Learning that was totally untrue was a revelation, my favourite bottoms are currently a pair of garish gym leggings with orange fireworks on

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