When was the last time you...(eeh remember the old days thread)



Added up some numbers on a piece of paper?

Got to be a few years for me. Always got a calculator in my pocket nowadays innit.

Feel free to ask similar questions of your DiS pals in this very thread.


… used a public telephone?


A few weeks ago. I like to do arithmetic sometimes to prove to myself that I still can.

A similar approach to forward rolls turned out to be thoroughly depressing, though.


A few months back. Called the number in the Ghostbusters advert that was on the phone box. For a ‘legit’ reason? Can’t recall.


Sent a postcard?


I do it quite regularly when I’m trying to solve a killer sudoku


In the nineties probably.


Last week.
We took delivery of a large quantity of dvds, counted them all up, old school.


Dunno. Not in the last five years I don’t think.

I can smell phone box all of a sudden. Wonder what that smell is? (Not piss).


Liverpool Street station about 5 years ago


Saw a lad using one in Derby city centre a couple of weeks ago: he was skinning up


…hovered over a thread title in the hope of working out whether it was worth clicking on the thread?


this thread needs to be more poll based


Left a voicemail

  • Today
  • Earlier this week
  • Earlier this month
  • Last Month
  • Last Year
  • Pre-2015

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in case anyone is wondering, i checked and no voicemails were left in the UK between January and September 2016


When was the last time you left a non-work voicemail?

  • Sometime in the last 24 months
  • As if

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Didn’t want to do it but the person wasn’t returning calls and I didn’t want to put anything in writing.

Come to think of it, they’ve still not called me back. Fuck sake.


sent one a couple of weeks ago

entering a cycling event the requires a postcard for entry


if anything a voicemail is more incriminating


All the time. Every time I got anywhere interesting I send a sheaf of postcards. Everyone likes getting things that aren’t bills in the post.

I do that postcrossing thing from time to time, where you get given a randomly drawn person from another country to send a postcard to, and your address goes in the draw too. I’ve got a whole load of cards from different countries back.