When was the last time you either blew, or smashed, something to smithereens?


Way more than it is acceptable to do so. Reckon I smash a plate/glass/similar once a month? HANDS DONT LISTEN
This time last year I got to properly smash up a kitchen that’d been ripped out and that was so fun. The bigger boys even let me use a hammer :smiling_imp:


Dropped a bottle of Bailey’s at work the other day (sorry @laelfy) Went into a million pieces. Bailey’s is sticky.


Pretty much do this on a daily basis for work.


Bet there were a lot of drunk ants in Devon that day!


It’s been a while, Kermo. Last time was probably my phone last summer: it fell out of my pocket while I was cycling to the train station, and landed just in front of my back wheel. Smashed it to smithereens.

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They do little else other than drink. There’s a lot of cider on the floor round these parts.

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threw a mug of tea at the wall a couple of years back during a period of huge stress, total mess to clean up


I’d love to go to an abandoned quarry with some dark web explosives and blow stuff (just tin cans and the like) to smithereens one day, like bored teenagers used to do in my parents’ days


Ow mate, feel your pain D: that sort of thing properly ruins your day

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Can’t believe someone hasn’t made a ‘your mum’ joke yet or something similar


Think all the young people are at the pub.


Our old kitchen before the builders replaced it. Great fun.

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Put a too big and heavy ceramic plant pot onto ceramic saucer thing yesterday. Mega smash crunch.

Love smashing old broken pots for bits to put at bottom of new ones.


It’s why I deliberately go for smartphones that won’t ruin me if I ruin them (usually Moto Gs)

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I seem to remember reading that somewhere (Japan, maybe?) they have places where you can book in to smash up a room full of junk to relieve stress. Sounds quite a good idea.

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I think the last time was when I was in the pub and knocked my drink over and the glass smashed. I’m generally quite good at not breaking things, but some random guy at the bar was talking to me about how he was an expert on reading body language which put me so on edge I knocked it over.


Did everyone go “WHEEEEYYYYY!”?


Smashed up some old bar stools with a brick once.

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Of course!