When was the last time you genuinely laughed out loud?

Like properly belly laughed?


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Well I certainly did more than my fair share of that on Saturday night, not sure why, mind. Also did on Friday night while watching I’m Alan Partridge.

Partridge - when the Irish lookalike started singing




Oh actually last night I did a pretty sizeable fart and my daughter described it as ‘huge’ which made me crack up :smiley:

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That bloke falling down the stairs on Google maps.

When the cat fell off the bed last night.

Re-watched Three Billboards on Monday night and this is one of several exchanges that made be guffaw:

Mildred: Why are you never on my side?
Robbie: I am on your side, when you’re not being a cunt
Mildred: There will be no more ‘cunts’ in this house!
Robbie: What, are you moving out?

At Beavis amd Butthead

Derry Girls last night, at the “I don’t really respect him as a songwriter” bit

Last night, after deciding to finally watch season 1 of Phoenix Nights (I saw the second season at the time, but never got round to checking out the first). The timing of the first episode’s last line had me gasping for air it was so perfect, but then the second episode had the Captain’s funeral and this:

Instantly into my “funniest sitcom scenes” Top 10.

“I’ve got a Nazi bandit that pays out in Deutschmarks!”

When I listened to this:



Yeah, “Come out ye black and tans” is the first time I laughed properly loud in ages.

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I was listening to the first Adam Buxton Christmas podcast with Joe in my walk to the shops the other day and I started crying with laughter and couldn’t stop and I had to keep stopping in the street to try and compose myself., but knowing I looked odd only made the laughter keep coming.

Joyous moment.


I’m always making people laugh out loud but nobody makes me laugh out loud it’s not fair.