When was the last time you googled your username?





This is the first result:


31,200,000 results mate.


The fuck is this shit.




First result is my DiS profile on the old boards.

And then this

Bit weird.


About 4,750,000 results.

Nothing remotely interesting, much like my 10/10 content here.


Is a place called Twentynine Palms in California though, so I learned something new today.

Curiously, 29 palms is wha-[redacted]



You have a 0.74 likes received: posts made ratio. That’s not bad at all!


Lump this in with the rest of the Weird Simpsons business


love this so much


Ah when I nail it, I nail it. Rest of the time is spent telling the cunts I hate on here that they’re cunts.




Forgot about this guy



That’s…that’s you, isn’t it?


Haha, one of the other top results for hip young gunslinger is a Guardian article about the NME, written in 2008, which holds this absolutely classic, stonkingly good quote:

‘Besides!’ growls Alex Miller, NME’s New Bands editor, referring to another website, ‘you can’t read Drowned in Sound on the bus.’


Even in 2008 they knew the mobile site was going to be dogshit.


Fucking hell: