When was the last time you Googled yourself?



About three minutes ago. I wanted to check if nerdy card game stuff was outranking my work stuff yet. It isn’t, but I learned that in 2015 Cambridge News quoted a tweet I posted about touching owls.


Probably when I was in high school, about 12 years ago.


Shortly after reading this, naturally. Some chump cinematographer is lapping up the top hits for my name.


Sounds a bit yewtree.


Prompted by this, about a minute ago. I am reassuringly inconspicuous.


Top is my Twitter. Second is a Facebook search page for people with my name (of which I am the top result). Third is my LinkedIn.


Have done it again now - all my old namesakes are showing up. There’s a senator, a doctor, a professor, a baseball player and a terrorist. I am none of those things.


Plus actor.


You’ll be the first in clinky after that banning of non-conventional sex acts, pal.

Last time was trying to find an old band review where they said I was the new Kurt Cobain. Maybe 10 years ago?

I am still trying to be the new Kurt Cobain, FYI


It’s fine, I didn’t film it.


Just a bunch of LinkedIn profiles that aren’t me (obvs, not even on Linkin Park Book mate)


Just this chump



Send me the video immediately


No, Casseroles would disapprove.

(The owl was called Casseroles)


Probably around 2006


SEO stuff already ruins my life in constantly googling the various businesses i work with/for - googling myself would be too much stress :’(


Luckily you share your name with a monster paedo.


(This isn’t true, googling your name reveals nothing bad).


Couple of weeks ago to see if anything still existed from my quake 3 days. Nothing from then and only my twitter page is actually me from the first page of search results.


:smiley: you fucker