When was the last time you had a cool, refreshing glass of dandelion and burdock?

Have to say it’s been a long time for me m9s, I’d say over 10 year*! How about you? Would it work as a mixer? Please bring all of your soft drink chat to the table. Cream soda eh, that’s good too innit.


Simeon would always have a bottle of Dandelion and Burdock on him back at school, he could also eat an entire apple in two bites.

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Massive fan of Cawston Press Rhubarb atm.

D+B can do one.

Classic Simeon there.

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What’s your D&B beef -t? Baby palate rubbing off on you?

Cream soda is fucking rank. I went to some training thing and it was the only soft drink they had. What the fuck? Barrs - everything is shit by those wankers.

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Bigmouth strikes again

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I’m not sure if you’re aware but there are quite a few scotch on these boards that may take umbrage with your posting.

I just looked, didn’t realise that they produced that Irn Bru filth!

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I don’t think I’ve ever had dandelion and burdock.

Big fan of cream soda and root beer floats though.

Bundaberg and Rubicon are alright.

Love a dandelion and burdock and had one last weekend. Big fan!

Find all cola pretty meh
Don’t mind a 7-Up/Sprite
Fanta is for children

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Ting’s where it’s at m9.

Yeah basically.

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Dandelion and Burdock is great, have one with fish + chips usually, not a mixer for me though. Used to often have a big 2L bottle in the fridge growing up because my dad is a fiend for the stuff


Seems to have marmited our fine community here tunes.

The shop down the road from me sells D+B plus all the other Barr drinks but not Irn Bru for some weird reason. Don’t like D+B so usually get a can of nu-Tizer instead (obviously not as good as it used to be)

More for me

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