When was the last time you had a fish finger?



so long ago for me, the world was still in black and white. no clue at all


Reckon it will have been around 4 months pal, don’t have an exact date I’m afraid but I’m a big fan of a fish-finger sandwich and have a pack of 30 in the freezer as we speak.


Had a fish finger sandwich thing at a pub a couple of months back.


fish finger sandwich 6:43pm june 24th 2005


I had fish fingers before DiS drinks with you, to avoid boozing on an empty stomach.


reckon fish finger sandwich is in my top 3 foods easily, have one about once every couple of months

they are the best


lots of strong characters bigging up the humble fish finger in here. I’m gonna get back on this horse, I reckon

assuming white bread is the best option for the sanga?


Yes mate, one of the few occasions (along with a bacon sarnie) where sliced white is the optimum bread.


Tuesday. Have them at least once a week.


ketchup too?


For sure (brown in bacon though obvs)


oooh. I’d say salad cream…but what do I know


So much ^this.

I tend to have a stash of FFs in the freezer at all times. My go-to lazy lunch and occasional mid-afternoon snack.


back in my meatbook days, I’d make two rounds of bacon sangas. one brown, one red.

great dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Captain Birdseye us in a permanent state of flux.

Last iteration I saw was like the classic but thinner.


that’s well gross mate, get outta the thread.


ketchup and mayo or just ketchup

never just mayo


fair do’s



don’t like mayo, but that’s fine.


kermode? yep, time for the nap