When was the last time you had a massive argument with someone?

A proper trembling with rage effort.
Are you at it all the time?

I guess all my most recents have been with my mum’s partner and the last was getting on for about seven years ago. Can’t even remember what it was about but no doubt I was in the right.

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I am extremely conflict averse so will just back down before it gets to this stage and then quietly hate myself for doing so. Much healthier IMO.


I think I used to get in a lot more when I was smashed up and shit.

Just never really comes up anymore.

Please try to remember.

Several years ago with 'er indoors. Only proper row we’ve had in however long we’ve been together.

I was right, obviously.

I’ll have to ask my wife, she’ll remember. I know how long ago it was because he instigated it in front of my new born.

He’s at my house this afternoon. If he’s still there when I get back we could pick it up again.


Gosh, I don’t know. I tend to cave in before I get too raging.

I have mild to moderate arguments with Mrs CCB periodically but I can’t think of anything where I’ve really flown off the handle.

Big fight (tears and shouting) over something really stupid: My dad, during the xmas holidays when I was staying with them

He’s normally the only person I have that sort of thing with. We get on great most of the time but sometimes he just pisses me right off

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Yeah they don’t count. I have plenty of those at home but no frothing at the mouth type efforts.

a walker who clearly has a grudge against cyclists tried to start a row with me the other day but I shut her down and rode off as I CBA with that “I’ve just had a massive row” feeling

Other than that, row with ex last year - although that was mainly text based so it’s not quite the same

Last big vocal row - driver who I witnessed knocking a cyclist off their bike, plus a prick of a local cafe owner who decided to stick his oar in.

Tory in a beer garden just before the election


my former housemate circa chrimbo 2017. he had a massive go at me for sending in notice on our flat even though I had given him three months notice, asked him before texting landlord, told him landlord had accepted text notice and there was no need for written notice, and told him I would send written notice anyway to be on the safe side. he made out it was a really weird and underhanded thing I had done behind his back and said he would never dream of doing similar, so I listed all the things I wouldn’t dream of doing. this included him not paying me back £1000 in 3 years when it was supposed to be for a month, not paying bills to the point debt collectors were threatened, not paying me back when I covered those bills, and also his constantly subjecting me to his toxic beliefs and treating me like an idiot when I disagreed with him (most recent was his defence of Charles Murray’s the bell curve as ‘legitimate’ science that has been ‘completely vindicated’). still dealing with the fall out from this argument over three years later. guy is the worst person I’ve ever met

I fell out with my last housemate. My style is more arrogant resentment, I have not spoken to him or looked at him since then. Take that, prick!

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Do I have to be the angry one or can I just be the other person involved in one?

If so then this New Years, 2 hour long one standing outside in the freezing cold without a jacket, feeling myself getting iller by the second, surrounded by drunken people having a great time, wishing I was anywhere else in the world.

You can have it if it makes you feel better about it happening.

Had you known you would have got a post out of it, it might have taken the edge off.

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I now look back on it with a rosy glow thanks to this very thread

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Last weekend, my mum, very much a like the picture below with my poor mum as the cat. I apologised profusely and was out of order


Had a proper get out the car and scream road rage event a couple of weeks ago. There is a road I need to drive down to get out to the main road - cars park on both sides meaning two cars can’t pass. In a year of living here I’ve never had a problem as everyone is very good at taking their turn to get through the narrow bit. I was almost at the end of this bit and some nob decided to try to push through anyway, blocking my way out. I stopped and flashed my lights for him to reverse back (he was only 1 car length in). He refused, gesturing that I could squeeze through (I could not). I waited, more gesticulating and eventually he reversed back a metre, but not actually out of the narrow bit. More flashing, gesticulating and still he refused to move. At this point I was late, hormonal and very angry. Got out the car and properly lost it, to the point passers by stopped and stared. He called me crazy and eventually moved the car. Was a deliveroo driver :woman_shrugging:

Probably had one in the last 2 weeks. My parents are very argumentative and they’re the only people I will lose my cool with (because I know it’ll blow over quickly and everyone will forget about it immediately after the yelling stops). I haven’t lost my temper with anyone else for about 15 years.

I wish I could have never spoken to this guy again, left it a year to try and get the money he owed me back because I couldnt face dealing with him, and it was predictably a total ordeal getting it back, now I have to deal with him again as I have been involuntarily storing his stuff he left in my storage space, he is somehow leveraging this a way to be abusive towards me and called me an incel. hopefully shot of him for good come march