When was the last time you had a nose bleed?


I feel like these used to happen all the time when you’re a young un but as soon as you hit puberty it sort of stops. And now when you have a nose bleed it’s means you’re almost certainly going to die but as kids they seemed more common than colds. I can’t remember myself, just had this thought


I’ve never had a nose bleed.


I don’t believe you (any of you)


think I’ve had one

can’t remember when or anything about it though.



At least 20 years I reckon. Don’t really happen to grown ups, do they?


I get them about every 6 months

happened at work when I was really hungover and just ignored it until my mouth was covered in blood and got called disgusting by my manager.


January 2015 when I was writing essays and had a bit of a mental breakdown is the last time I can remember.

Used to get them all the fucking time as a kid, and my parents were convinced that the best thing to do was to lean your head back to stop the bleeding. I know loads of people do this, but I genuinely think that’s worse, as you get loads of thick blood mixed with snot running down your throat and it’s DISGUSTING. Much better to just get it all out.


I used to get them alllll the time as a kid, they were a defining feature of my childhood. But you’re right, can’t remember having one since I was a teenager.

Surprising how many people still think you should tip your head back when you get one.


get the all the time :disappointed:


I was that kid who had the class-disrupting nose bleeds.

Best way to get rid is to put one of your wrists under running cold water for a while. Stops it like a dream. I guess the body sends blood down to warm up your wrist rather than out of your nose then.


About 2 years ago. Headbutt/clash, complete accident by an ATD, we just turned into each other too quickly and he’s precisely the right height that it just caused torrents of blood immediately. We discuss it often.