When was the last time you had Crusha?

Have you ever had Crusha? How about Milo?

Guess we can widen this to talk about milk and milkshakes more generally. My mate Geoffrey reckoned McDonald’s didn’t call their milkshakes milkshakes (they do) because they were made from chicken fat and not milk.

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Never. Used to love the ad though.

Fuck yeah


maybe 20 years ago? weird stuff. does it still exist?

oh yeah, was this a b3ta video originally? wonder what happened to those internet video types. probably all work for viral content platforms now i guess.

In 2007, Crusha’s “singing cats” advert was banned from television, due to a man from Lowestoft, United Kingdom producing an recreation with live cats. He was arrested, after clips of his videos on YouTube drew the attention, of a local and national news campaign.[ citation needed ]

I want a crusha, a glass of crusha

It does apparently, though extensively rebranded. Can’t recall seeing it in shops recently though:


Well that’s my patience for humanity running dry for the day.

Oh yeah!!!


Probable not since I was a kid. I remember some cafes did Lime Crusha and it was really nice (honest) but you could never find it in the supermarket so was stuck with strawberry at home.


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Joel Veitch, so yeah.

Him and Jonti Picking (weebl) seem to be still putting out albums and videos.

Don’t think I’ve ever had it

Would always go for nesquick

I love all the urban myths about fast food
I have heard

  • mcdonalds fries are not made with potato but soya

  • mcdonalds shakes are thickened with potato

  • kfc are now called KFC (instead of kentucky fried chicken) because what they serve can no longer be legally described as chicken

sunny d turns people orange

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think that one might be true


still love nesquik fwiw, bung some ice cream in with it, dreamy

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I like it as a homemade recovery shake thing when I’ve been cycling

chocy nesquick
scoop of peanut butter
a banana

was talking about the elbow version of independent women in the pub the other day weirdly.

for the spreadsheet, ive never had a crusha