When was the last time you had Crusha?

I am not a fan of milkshakes, for some reason.

Oh yeah, it’s the bum wee.

Could have a McDonald’s one, according to Geoffrey.

That’s almost worth a try, as contrary to what I just said I do bloody love a McDonald’s milkshake.

they are more like a melted ice cream really aren’t they

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I still think about this advert semi-regularly

never had a crusha though

I have had it in the last two years and I enjoyed it.

i saw in Morribobs a pack of B N’s the other day

not seen those for yeaaaars

I had some Strawberry Crusha last year I think, saw the bottle in Sainsbury’s and thought “ooh not had that for years”, it was nice, tasted the same as it did when I was a kid. Might try and get some again actually.

Bop bah do bah dah

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I had a milkshake from a diner the other day and I didn’t think I liked milkshakes but it turns out I really fucking do.

Wasn’t a crusha though, sorry. Bit off topic.

What is it? like milk squash? never had it NEVER WILL

Yeah basically. Surprisingly good.

“My 90s” with Sarah Cox and Richard Bacon

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Nectar of the Gods.

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