When was the last time you had to scrape burnt off your toast

  • This morning
  • Yesterday
  • This week
  • This month
  • This year
  • Longer ago than that
  • Never

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Not sure I ever have

I would never do this

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Once in school we had an assembly with an independent ‘‘nutritionist’’ who spent 15-20minutes talking about the dangers of burnt toast.

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  • Scrape
  • Bin
  • Eat

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Do bagels count as toast?

Depends if you’ve toasted them

I did, and burnt it

Silly goose!


No, regardless of whether toasted or not

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New version of Snog, Marry, Avoid?

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Straight in the bin for burnt toast even if it’s the last of the bread

Scrape, bin, eat.

The story of my ass

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I have my toast medium rare so it never gets to that stage.

A documentary about Bill Callahan and Cat Power’s relationship called ‘Smog, Marry, Avoid’

Could be something there

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sometimes i think we’re destined to be together Funky

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I’ve had three peely-wally slices of toast this morning. My toaster doesn’t seem to have a burn setting.


If it’s burnt I’ll either reluctantly eat it or bin it.

My toaster is becoming infuriatingly inconsistent but the major issue for me is the supply-chain for Hovis Granary Thick Slice, you can only find it intermittently so I’m having to pick up the Medium Slice version often like a complete chump. You then have to be very mindful to readjust your settings for the Thick to Medium transition. I forgot to do this yesterday,

It’s inevitable at this point.