When was the last time you heard someone mention

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs?

Bit needy


Some management course I went on a couple of years ago is the boring but true answer to this. Can’t remember what it is, mind.

About 2 days ago on We Don’t Talk About the Weather. In the context of Jezzas free fibre for all policy.

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Yes, once.



Quite often
Two weeks ago maybe?

About two weeks ago on my cima course

About 5 months ago I’d bet

Was expecting more people to say that they’d not heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

I’ve not not heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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shit. fucked that up.

We were talking about it yesterday at home, and it came up in a piece of work last week. Always chatting about Maslow

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My inner voice mentioned it to me about a month ago

Was getting on my soapbox about kids not being about to focus on poetry analysis if they’re hungry on Monday and may have mentioned it so two days ago

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is that the idea that stuff should come from those who can afford it and to those who need tit? coz i said that yesterday to gf

didn’t say NEED TIT coz that would be very forward of me,



Wait, I thought it was Maslow’s Hierarchy of KNEES!?

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