When was the last time you made a major change in underwear style?


I’m thinking of making a change.


Got to be at least 15 years


Started buying some big billowy boxers but only to sleep in. I do not like my penis flailing about in the day


I went from the type of pants with an exposed elastic waistband to the type of pants where the elastic waistband is within the seam of the pants themselves about two years ago


What transition you ponderin?




I would like the elastic bit of my boxers to say “These are my boxers” rather than “Cavlin Klien”


Boxers to something with a gusset that’s less prone to bunching. Probably not full crotchless, but I’m keeping an open mind.


Succinct. Thank you.





  • Boxer briefs
  • Boxer shorts
  • Y fronts
  • Other
  • No fixed underwear style

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My major problem is that I’m extremely risk averse.


About 1998 - from wearing underwear to not…


Think I need to get bigger boxers as my left ball often falls out the side and I don’t want anything that contains them too much. Free, but not too free. Thanks for reading


xylo’s going to be furious with you


wearing yfront esque pants as a kid to boxers as a 11/12 year old


Switched from boxer shorts to boxer briefs in January 2018.


Quick question for the changers. Wholesale change or gradual process?



I use boxer briefs these days

boxer shorts have that funny flap for your widge that you cant really get to without pulling down your jeans

can just imagine @Epimer stood at the urinal with his trousers round his ankles

(yes I really AM imagining this)


Made a wholesale change from ‘slips’ to hipster boxers (tight, not baggy) about 10 years ago. Never looked back