When was the last time you made a major change in underwear style?


probably around the time my balls dropped

When I was a kid everyone wore pants then we got to a certain age 12ish and everyone started wearing boxer shorts, it was almost a coming of age thing. I much preferred pants and it took effort and a while to get used to boxers. Also at that age my Mum bought my clothes so you had ask for the change. Anyone elsee have this?

Times have changed now and the young gentleman has a choice between briefs and boxer briefs. The latter are now being sported by my five year old.

A gradual phasing out of the old ones, I’ve retained a couple of pairs of the old style ones as they are the only ones where my knob doesn’t pop out when running or playing football.

My nob and balls have no chance of popping out of mine but I have pretty chunky thighs.

And spray your nuts with deodorant at night and not after the shower?

Trump style genitals, eh?

Let’s not get personal!

No I have pretty long balls. Just have boxer briefs that are tight so that people can admire my bulge while still clothed and then again later when unfurled.

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Don’t give the uninitiated any clues!


I am boxer brief man myself, they offer support and comfort for the man with a larger penis


sometimes I just cba to wear underwear

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makes me wonder how nice it must feel to just walk outside naked

makes me a man of success.

hypothetical for you: say you’re at @xylo 's for one of his hot tub sex parties. you’ve accidentally fallen in the basin fully clothed on the way back from the shed (you had been admiring his selection of block planes, drills and hand saws) and are soaking wet. Old xyls pops his head round the garden door - ‘not to worry, you can borrow a pair of jeans for the evening!’.

bearing in mind his lifestyle choice, do you:

  • refuse. go home and get a change of clothes
  • refuse. strip and get into the tub (sex party was not due to start for a few more hours)
  • accept.

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it’s only really touching something that’s touched his willy for a bit.


bare arse, balls, crotch too.

you ever been to the toilet after someone’s done a poo?

That’s their poo going up your nose, in your mouth, little tiny bit of poo particle in the eyeballs