When was the last time you made a major change in underwear style?

you think xylo’s crotch and bum are less hygienic than actual faecal matter?!

Would probably hit up his sarong supplies.


no ones asking you to wear a toilet though, are they

no they’re asking you to eat it and put it inside your head!

I dunno man, why can’t we all just wear pants.

point is, people must have an inbuilt tolerance for a bit of nasty stuff in our immune system

where does it stop though?

You want to touch something that someone’s pants have touched? that’s had their bum and balls on it! Better wear a second set of pants. Like outside pants!

You wanna wear trousers too?!?!

i’d be happy with double pants

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Around about the time I first saw Back to the Future

lol DP wheeeey!! ladz

Currently in the Microskin™ era

It’d be welcome relief from my current gusset-chafing woes.

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Please exit the thread immediately and bump it when you made the change.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Can someone quickly summarise the difference between a boxer brief and a trunk?

When I got out of nappies

One day at a time pal


Ok inspired by this thread and an unquenchable thirst for adventure I thought I would put my neck on the line and try something altogether new:

No, just no.

My first surprise was how tiny the packet was (and I ain’t buying small if you know what I mean lads!!!*). How can that have four pairs of pants in it? They are made of… sort of… tights material. It is sort of like not wearing pants but in a disturbing way. I have only tried them once. I guess a benefit would be washing them as they are so synthetic and sheer I imagine they will come out of the machine dry. Will try again but not on a full work day like today. I did find this comment disturbing:


*I’m fat


well into the idea of these

Yeah in theory they sound good.

Maybe they are better for the more slender man.