When was the last time you played tennis? 🎾

been playing some friendly matches against my Slovenian mate these last few weeks, after a series of narrow losses I won for the first time on saturday (7-6 3-6 6-2)

it’s fun isn’t it. really enjoy the problem solving element. and with the way i play there are a lot of problems to solve ha ha ha

how would you describe your playing style in 20 words or less?



how did it go?

Pretty poorly. Turns out that I don’t really like the average member of a tennis club in the posh bit of Glasgow and also I don’t enjoy tennis.


Umm, when did we move out of the bedsit?
There was a private school field opposite and they had a tennis court we used to climb over the fence to play in. So maybe, 7 years ago?

I’m absolutely crap at tennis but enjoy it when I manage to hit the ball.

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In 2004.

On a tennis court part of a hotel when it was raining a lot. It was also full of acorns and about 50% of the time the ball hit an acorn and bounced off at an impossible angle. Daft fun.


I used to play quite regularly when I lived in Brum as there were free courts in several parks nearby. Haven’t played since I moved away about 10 years ago. I was shit at it but in fairness I was usually playing against people who were quite a bit bigger than me.

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I might be playing today. Probably not though.

Last played in October I think, I’m shit at tennis but it’s fun, I don’t care to win I just like to have fun rallies.


Never played.

Was more of a badminton lad.

And fucking good, son.

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The last time I played badminton some guy tripped over his own heel and got injured and then accused me of tripping him up, has soured the whole sport for me


me and my brother probably battered a ball around the tennis courts when we were wee but don’t think they had any nets up or anything

so… a while ago?

2009 (?)

Style: relying on power, no technique to speak of.
Used to live near tennis courts in the park. Not any more.

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A couple of years ago, I think, on a trip to CentreParcs. Outside of there, I don’t think that I’ve played since about 2007. I used to play a lot, throughout the year on the school courts with friends, but I don’t know anyone local who plays, and the clubs near me are too snobby for my liking.

My serve has always been poor, but the rest of my game is alright, although my technique isn’t great. If I was to be likened to a player, it would probably be Guillermo Coria when he couldn’t get a serve in.

I’d like to play more, but I don’t think I’d have to time to play it regularly enough to get better at it.

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Will have been last time I went to Wales on holiday with the kids so august 2019. Would have been a fun non serious knockabout game that I won based on being better at tennis than they are (I’m not actually any good at tennis)

Summer 2019 I guess, in Spain

Playing style: Aggressive serve & volley. Absolutely no guile or shot selection except for a topspin forehand pass

Very tangentially related - I was listening to a Yannick Noah record this morning

When I was a kid the local leisure Center had 4 courts out the back and were very lax about making sure any youngsters playing on them had actually booked in and paid like you were meant to. Bet this sort of thing is universally rigidly enforced these days eh?

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Training was cancelled last week as the courts hadn’t fully dried after being resurfaced. So last time I played was November I guess

Is it any good?

Considering we’re the country that gave the world Björn Borg & Stefan Edberg you be amazed at the total lack of any kind of public tennis courts in Sweden

I’ve been in Stockholm for 17 years and don’t know a single one that isn’t privately owned/run

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