When was the last time you played tennis? 🎾

Last week. Although it was to a 4 year old’s rules, and really I was just standing about holding a tennis racket and being shouted at. Must be 15 years since I played actual tennis.


He’s done 12 albums. He’s a massive pop star & charity activist in France though he’s retired now

He retired once before and then he sold out Stade de France on his comeback tour

I was listening to ’Charango’ from 2006. As French pop music goes it’s decent. Lots of different musical influences & good socially conscious lyrics


played my friend Rik in November before he moved to Berlin

played quite a few times last year, actually. I’m not really very good, but I’m getting better + am better than I thought I’d be.

think this is the most fun part of trying something, where you surprise yourself with how good you can be and aren’t expecting anything of yourself.

About 10 years ago probably. I used to be moderately good at tennis, average at badminton and pretty handy at squash. Should try and find someone to play with again really.

my playing style?

BIG serves, occasionally in. whippy forehands (reliable), suspect backhands - working on my Federer slice. net game? streaky, but coming on.

I’m good at badminton

I had a series of games against my friend Dean, and I hadn’t played for maybe thirteen years, so I started off losing heavily.

buuuut I very quickly moved through losing scrappily, nearly not losing, to winning, like some dormant badminton animal had been awoken.

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I’ve started serving from wider and taking power off them cos they’re so inconsistent. should go on my own and practice serving some time, obv won’t though

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Maybe 2012, 2013ish, used to play with my brothers in the park but I suck. We played in the local leisure centre sometimes too, this was during the summers when they were home and had no uni and my mother was disgusted at the sight of us in the summer, curtains drawn, stuck to the sofas in front of screens, and forced us out to play and get some exercise

I tried this, but I just kept getting passed as I couldn’t cover the rest of the court. It worked in doubles though.

Perhaps this is why doubles specialists become doubles specialists.

played quite a lot last summer. annoyingly its the sport I’m best at (used to play for my county up until I was about 15/16ish), but don’t really enjoy playing compared to football or basketball. always found it too stressful and dislike the British tennis ‘crowd’.

got a consistent and powerful serve, good forehand, but not a great backhand (mostly hit it one handed). I also gamble too much and go for winners and drop shots regularly because I get bored.


2003, we had a park court just down the road from where I lived at uni. Playing style best described as wristy, in that my wrist used to hurt after playing. Strengths: court coverage, backhand slice like a mutha. Weaknesses: most other aspects of the game.

Goes over the net most of the time nowadays, but not always in the court. Can’t serve for toffee though

Grew up playing tennis relatively seriously (not @profk serious, but competitive serious), club member, training, all that. Haven’t played in ages but have played a lot of swingball over the easter holidays and now we know it’s something our kid is into we’re gonna track down some racquets and use the courts in the park.

My style as it was, and hopefully will return: - Serve flaky, occasionally good, strong forehand with decent topspin for tape-cutting passes, solid backhand but lacking a little in control, deft short game with good slice, snappy volley but lacking killer instinct (that’s a personality trait more than anything else). Used to play against my mum a lot who’s a power player drawing entirely from her own massive rage, her smash from 20 years ago is still something I’m a bit scared of now.

You played for your county and still hadn’t settled on a backhand style? What a maverick

always hit it one handed when I was a kid and then decided to change it to double handed right before I stopped playing because it was obviously shit unless you’re in a long rally. now I’m stuck in backhand purgatory.

Last played two days ago.

My style is fairly topspin heavy with a bit of a whippy serve. Try to come into the net occasionally but sometimes find it hard to pick the right moment. Decent two-handed backhand but I have a tendancy to lean back which puts the ball up short for my opponant


gonna go Monica Seles and hit double handed forehands too from now on.


Not sure my left wrist is even stable enough to play one handed. Quite like how two handed feels though, really satisfying when you guide it down the line

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Oh in terms of playing style:


  • When my first serve is working it’s fast and skiddy and difficult to deal with
  • Forehand is generally pretty consistent and powerful
  • I cover the court well

  • Because I’m short there’s not much margin for error in my first serve, when it’s not working I’ll get less than 50% in.
  • Don’t do enough with my second serve, good players can punish it
  • Backhand is really inconsistent
  • Slightly heavy handed at the net. Getting better at this by just playing doubles all the time

I was playing doubles. My partner served the ball into the back of my head. It hurt.

I haven’t felt the need to play since.