When was the last time you put

the feelers out for something?

N.B. it is wednesday

i put the feelers out to the world of podcasting to see if anyone wanted a podcast editor

Are The Feelers a tribute band that exclusively cover Feeder and The Feeling? I don’t think I’d have a nice time seeing them

Oh this lovely song gives me feelers is what you hear the kids say.

Honestly can’t remember.

If you suggest something for me to put the feelers out for, I’ll get on it

The lads

did you put the feelers out for a new d&d player or have you put the kibosh on that?

i now realise that ‘when was the last time you put the kibosh on something’ would have been a better thread

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Ooh, good shout, had one bite actually so should follow up on that. And write up the recap from this week.

Just put the feelers out for a mini disc golf competition an hour ago. Participants said yes. :trophy:

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Asked my friend to go pub

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don’t think this qualifies as the feelers, sorry

Big mistake buddy

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I put feelers out all the time about 1/4 of the time it works out and 3/4 I feel a bit silly. Have loads of mad ideas though so what do I expect.

you regret 100% of the feelers you don’t put out imo


Good luck hitting one. They’re so flat!

If I ever put the feelers out what I’m looking for is someone to take the idea and make it happen and deliver all the benefits to me without me putting any effort in.

me and the fellers are heading down the pub

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Do you want to join in?

Put the feelers out for changing cans and pizza thursday to friday because I can no longer get belting drunk on a thursday night.

feelers were successful.