When was the last time you... (rolling)

She clearly doesn’t want to touch you @marckee

Using a pole to touch people is practising very safe social distancing but isn’t the friendliest approach

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Apart from accidental hand contact with a cashier, pre-lockdown.


That’s medieval hermitage levels of isolation

Hugs from the kids when I did the school run this morning.


No family contact - elbow bump with the guy I took photos of yesterday lunchtime

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It’s not been easy but I’ve had to be extra cautious in case I’ve had to be there for extremely vulnerable family members at any point.

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Yesterday as I had to snap my mum out of sleep paralysis. Pretty scary


Hope you’re both alright

Yeah fine thanks. Her eyes were rolled back into her head and she was slurring her words trying to ask for help, thought she was having a stroke at first.

One of my closest friends hasn’t met up with anyone since 14th March last year when I went to the pub with him. Not at all. Not a single person. He lives alone fyi.

We’re meeting up on 20th June and then again on 24th! You wait 15 months to see someone… (Seriously tho :sob: it’s going to be so nice to see him!!!)

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Damn. Scary stuff

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That’s gonna be a massive outpouring of love :heart:

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Our chat is basically 40% compliments echo chamber, 40% us trying to outcompliment the other and 20% nonsense so it’s going to be wild

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Wiped my lads arse this morning so think that was it…although i didn’t actually touch his arse. I did touch his hand though so it still counts.

Not touched anyone since mind. .

When was the last time you wiped someone else’s bum?


the boy’s bathtime last night. You’d think by now he might have worked out how to do it himself :grimacing:


yeah, fairly sure mine are just laughing at me and can do it fine!

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Just after Christmas (my son when I took him back to uni).

Hadn’t thought about this so, er, thanks! :laughing: :sob:


Met my friend for a pint on Sunday, I’m pretty sure we hugged, not 100% certain

If we didn’t then last time was Sunday morning (goodbye hug)

It’s Wednesday now so hopefully my son will be here like he’s supposed to be tonight and give me a hug

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Your son is definitely taking the piss :wink:

(sorry, long day!)

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