When was the last time you said, or thought:

“It’s a mug’s game”


For me, it was yesterday, seeing a queue of cars up the A149 who’d decided to go to the Norfolk coast.

Going to the Norfolk coast? Couldn’t recommend it more. Leaving it til lunchtime to do so? That’s a mug’s game.


I said it at work today! Tragically, I was talking about people who buy cheap hosepipes, because apparently that’s my life now.


Is it not still a bit early to be visiting those places? Surely another couple of weeks until the grim, wintry seaside town vibe has been shrugged off.

It is a mug’s game though! They get all tangled up, or the connector bit goes skewiff … Could have got bonus points for the phrase “a false economy”

  1. It was at least 14°C today! Perfectly fine for a leisurely stroll along Hunstanton cliffs
  2. I don’t think Sunny Hunnie ever fully shakes off that vibe.

Not really something I say tbh


I did say “buy cheap, buy it fucking loads of times” as well. Got to splash a bit of cash (HA!) on a decent hose, they should teach you that in school.

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A friend bought one of those beer taps you need to buy kegs for. Absolute mug’s game


During the 6 nations

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No idea what this is but it sounds like a mug’s game to me.

About 2 days ago when I saw some boxing news. Had the same flashback to my youth when boxing appeared on TV and he said, “boxing, it’s a mugs game”. I will continue to associate boxing and him saying that until I die.

Bloody dads

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Good, albeit hallucinatory, advice

I try to switch it for “a fools errand”. Doesn’t always fit but a nice one to pull out.

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This is an incredible comeback post!

Excellent call. And nice to see you :slight_smile:

The guy that sits next to me at work has recently bought one. Won’t stop banging on about it. The mug.

i thought kegs must work out cheaper or something but they’re about £30 or thereabouts. might as well just get a big bag of cans.

Yeah, I asked about the prices as part of a weak attempt at not being rude by blanking him on something he’s obviously into. But it seems like one of these things that only works out as vaguely a saving, maybe, if you’re constantly seeking out deals and buying multiples of a highly restricted range of options. Like a mug.

I frequently acknowledge when MiniWza is mugging me off. Does that count?

Feels like someone should have made a Kickstarter for a boardgame involving mugs that’s called “It’s a Mug’s Game” - perfect community to land a good dad joke and novelty hit.