When was the last time you said the word



Coinkidink (coinkydink)


I’ve never said that


Me too. What a coinkidink…DOH!


Good, let’s see if we can out the deviants.


There’s one!


i dont thinkidink ive said coinkidink


Get im!


I might have said it when quoting the Simpsons but who can really say for sure?


You’re on the list


pretty sure elliott said it in scrubs one time.

i don’t think i have ever said it.


You’re free to go


you are a strict but fair leader, my friend


I would probably spell it coinkydink as well


@mods is it possible to make it so that all those people who’ve used the work coinkidink can only post in this thread from now on?


I would have recognised that.


Yeah you would


My mother-in-law says me and u for menu and loads of other awful shit I have wiped from my mind.

My mother says Speisekarte.


I originally read it as coin-kid-ink

what does that tell you


That you’re off the list


For fun, you should give your mother-in-law your login details so she can post here with your account.

This should continue indefinitely.