When was the last time you said “welp”?




Was singing a few Beatles songs just this morning in the shower, in fact.


When I was reciting one of Alan Rickman’s lines whilst watching Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. Pretty sure it had an aitch in it when I said it

I rewatched a snow sex and suspicious parents the other day. The one where the shy boy gets the word welt tattooed cause he invented a new word and the word was welt.

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you watched what mate?

Thought this warranted more love, tbh.

its a great show

think i copied it from the wife a few years back, she got it from dumb and dumber, obviously

Snow, sex and suspicious parents. Like the sun version but there’s added snow.

was convinced that was some kind of typo.

there you go.

But welt was already a word. Someone should have told him

I tried to think of the most common word I’ve never said out loud, thought it might be ‘fantastic’ because I could never muster the level of enthusiasm to pull it off, then I remembered I probably have said fantastic mr fox and fantastic four out loud, but yeah I reckon with those exceptions I have never said the word fantastic

As an exclamation, never. As a term for a young person, I will have done but not for a long while.