When was the last time you saw a shoe shine

and where was it?

and other shit about shoe shines


You’ve got shit on your shoes you shitty shoed bastard


About 2 hours ago
In Canada Place shopping centre

He also paints trainers

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With designs, or just a single colour coat all over?

November 2021

Whatever you want.
You want the white freshened up? He’ll freshen it.
You want custom coloured Nike air dunks? He’ll paint them up for you.

I’ve seen him paint trainers more than I have seen him shine shoes.

Boom market for shoe shines in the year 2022
  • Regular old shoe shining
  • Pimpin sneakers
  • Other

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Saw one of the snea-

Wait a fucking minute is that what the band Sneaker Pimps are named after?

Anyway, saw one of these for the first time just this last weekend. Thought it was a good idea, was tempted to take some there myself.

August 17th in the Canary Wharf shopping centre (the bit between Jubilee Place and Cabot Place)

Were they also pimpin sneakers?

Not yet…

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Oh hang on, Canada Place, that’s the one I meant that also Desk was banging on about so maybe it does pimp.sneakers

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FYI he was shining a shoe today, not painting a trainer


shoe shine shine
touch eye to eye